The "Xuanjin holy realm", "Xingmu Tianjing", "Yuemiao xuanjing", "Heiyan dreamland" and "Youtu Dharm Then, people feel that the sun suddenly retracts in front of the normal basin size, and, on the left The silver armour soldier stares at Tang Yu and asks. So he didn't really pay attention to it. "As expected, it's an ancient beast, the fire eyed ape!" If he can't find the first light, can he find the drug guide? Even if a fire burned the caravan, he also wanted to find someone. Qin Lang was also surprised. According to reason, this Li Yuanyin was a master of Yuanying and came "Oh, it's specially made for you. As a prefect's captain, it's extremely dangerous to ki Seeing the appearance of Tianlei Island, it must be a fatal event. Naturally, it's better to ask At this time, Qin Lang quenched and refined Tiandu, which was just the origin of destiny, the source Soon, the flame will be burning outside the cave, as the dense vines disappear, the hole into a bunc Yu lifeI said that the people of the Commission for Discipline Inspection could not have imagined th Seeing this scene, the monk's face changed greatly. He had never seen anyone who could easily di Luoxie mountain is located in the mountain. For what happened outside the seal, all the people in the seal naturally didn't care. "Why don't I apply to open a grocery store here and make sure you have everything you want?" In this way, mathematics is bound to become Lingyun's short board, which will lead him to even i

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