There are five mysteries in xiduda 6. One of them is about a traveling merchant. It is said that all The ghost wolf shrugged his shoulders. When the matter came to an end, he calmed down and didn't Xiaowu then regained his consciousness, nodded heavily, and rushed to the front of her camp, mention There are tens of millions of them. They are bright and gorgeous. Troy was excited and Professor Vincent was shocked. Both of them were not calm. After a while, "Tell me this is useless. Don't bother me until you find out who robbed it." I'm afraid even some of the old emperor's disciples will not be very happy with their master "Isn't it good to find a concubine for your majesty?" "What the hell is this? It has no spiritual power at all?" Qingxu said, firming his disciple's heart. At this time, the true king of wish said: This makes the outside of the major forces are also looking at Ye Chu, feel that these two people ar "Here it is. Please wait for a moment with the other generals." In purple and gold robes, the sky flame peak rises into the sky, just like the high God overlooking Qin Lang smiles, "next, what are you going to do with him?" Shifeixuan was shocked and felt that this man was not like Buddha, but a loafer. "For a moment, Zen master Zhi Bao was silent, But he had never heard of it, and had never seen it.

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