"Boss, I think I can do it myself. We send two. Isn't that insulting to our jihadist League?" Almost at the same time, Chu Ruyue's mouth outlined a sly look. "Dragon! I saw a dragon. It's a real dragon. It's absolutely true. The real dragon clan was Keep up with the blood pupil, just a little bit on the toe, and kick behind him out of thin air. "In such a situation, only the trapped camp can turn things around." The brainless guy did not ask the reason, but said in a deep voice, "those two guys, are they dead?" But now we are ready, whether it is our military strength or our economic strength, we can fight wit "Heaven and earth move" Dang ", four Island domain experts gather, big" chaos "is coming." PS: it's a bit jammed today. Please send me a more than 4000 words! Qin Jiyan had already guessed the purpose of fengsijin, so he summoned Feng Sijin in his busy schedu Then he looked at Zichen again, his eyes were cold. In the middle of his eyes, a lightning strike came from the bottom of the sky. Anyway, he was not satisfied in Macheng district. Mo Zhitao had a good relationship with Xu Peng. The fact is exactly the same, of course, it is not whoring. Prostitutes are right. "Hi, Miyagi, the indoor condition of unit 5 is getting worse and worse. What should we do now..." "Two old guys! If you want to pass through here, you can walk on our corpses! Come out and fight!" Wang stupid took out his mobile phone and had a look. Miao Yizi's private secret place, internal structure, various layout, Qin lie saw clearly throug

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