Luo Yang introduced Feng Rou, then took the old man and left, leaving only murongyu and Feng Rou, wh "Little brother Yue Chong, please follow your master's heart." Chapter 591 another piece of old parchment At the beginning, Mo Zhitao thought it was just the strong wind, not the poison. But when Mo Zhitao "Before that, I asked you about those colorful magic stones and crystal mothers..." Like most tech houses, they are not very good at words. These two empty and muddy spirits, one attribute is thunder and lightning, the other attribute is fi All the people in the audience opened their mouths and looked at the scene of the explosion. Almost all of these technologies were developed by scientists under the leadership of his Majesty in As a result, Yao Tai was swept out of the house. He was chased by xingxingge because he killed Du Ha In particular, some big forces in Lingnan Prefecture. Zhang Chuang said with a smile: "qian'er is OK, Qingxi's sister is also good, and Jiutian&#3 There is too much movement here, certainly won't cause the attention of Fenghuang mansion. Green treasure raised his head. Tang Yue found that there was only one eye under the thick hair on h Li Changjian pointed at Wang Xiong's nose and scolded, Her eyes, as expected, are still the same as before, no one can match! With Fang Huimin's social circle, it is impossible for her to understand the power struggle patt Tasting bamboo comes in a hurry. She has the pass token of the highest authority of the general'

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